About - Florian Trojer

about me:

who am i?

florian trojer, 31, born in austria, been living in switzerland for almost a decade now. 

where am i? 

usually the greater zurich area. however thankfully in southern california once or twice a month for work.

what do i shoot?

i love lifestyle portraits, being out and about, the gritty street-style look. between skyscrapers and under bridges. skater girls and boys, lost souls, cool kids. shooting at night, back alleys, sunrises and sunsets. rainy days. dark and moody images. 

i feel very at home in the skateboarding and surfing scene and love action sports in general. 

studio lighting is an option and i have it readily available, however i prefer being flexible and shoot "on-the-go", being spontaneous and changing settings quickly.

i can also shoot film besides digital if you require the authentic retro-look it creates. 

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