this is me

I was born in the capital of the Austrian Alps - Innsbruck - 33 years ago. However for the past decade, Zurich in Switzerland has been my home.       

what do i shoot?

Lifestyle photography & portraits, fashion photography away from the studio and being outside and incorporating the gritty street-style look is what I strive for. Being in between skyscrapers and under bridges. On roofs, in parking garages and along rivers. Shooting at night, back alleys, sunrises and sunsets. Rainy days. Moody and melancholic images are close to my heart. I also co-founded and ran a film production company for a few years. 

what do i love? 

Kodak Portra in my Leica M6. Podcasts for train rides. Powder Days. Breakfast Burritos. Joshua tree NP. Sunrises. Low-saturation color graded movies. Gorgonzola (on pizza).  Ticking off to-do lists. Scenic Drives. East Atlanta Love Letter. Southern California morning light. Almond Croissants (that's Mandelgipfel in Swiss-German). Minimalistic camera gear.

Thanks for stopping by! 

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